Known experienced loop installers in New Mexico

Advanced Network Management -
Jeremy Stephens - jeremy.stephens@anmcom, (505) 842-0156

Advanced Presentation Systems -
Rick Siegel -, 505-821-5525 or 505-280-8777

The Hearing & Vision Center -
Romy Pierce -, 505-222-0608 or 877-287-0608


A/V Systems
Bob Witsenhausen/Lisa Morris -,  505-892-6300
 We make no recommendations for installers.

The above firms have designed and installed the vast majority of known functioning loop systems in the state of New Mexico and this list, as a courtesy to the public, is a referral only. 

Other installers

Any reputable audio/visual firm should be able to design and install a hearing loop with the assistance of one of the many loop manufacturers or distributors.  Our experience has been that most will attempt to switch you to FM or Infra Red technology instead of a hearing loop as they are more familiar and experienced with these systems and may not understand and appreciate the value of the headset free customized sound offered by induction loop systems.

If you approach an A/V firm for a proposal we suggest you make it clear that your primary concern is the user friendliness of the assistive listening system and thus that you insist on a hearing loop system.

A  recommendation

Regardless of who the installer it, we do make the recommendation that you insist that any loop installation contract you sign include a guarantee that the system meets the international standard (IEC-60118-4) for audio frequency induction loop systems.